Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Shaken, Stirred, Fried – Emotions On The Cape

ST. JOHN'S – "Hallelujah, hallelujah,"...the Leonard Cohen song keeps playing in my head. I can't believe it's all over.

Woke up Monday morning in Grand Falls at the Mount Peyton hotel. Got a call at 6:12 am that a deal had been reached. And then a follow up call from our webmaster Sean who had more details than anyone I know. Great calls, both.

Headed off to the picket line in Grand Falls-Windsor. A fishing hut, essentially, filled with the exuberant employees who had built it. Then off to Gander to a sister hut. And more exuberance.

It is a wonderful day.

And then to a pond en route to St. John's where Sue and I HAD TO swim. And then to Barkley's Bar in Mount Pear, just outside St. John's, to do sound checks and get ready for Stepping Out for Stephenville, the benefit for people hit hard by the flood last week.

Music, merry making, good humour, bad jokes, new bands, rum and coke, beer, and draws for prizes. The CMG in St. John's, in three days, created a wonderful party that raised an amazing $15, 000. Congratulations to Bob Sharpe and all his people!

It was an extraordinary night for relief...and of relief.

This morning, the 120 members of CMG St. John's and Sue and I gathered at Cape Spear, the eastern most point of Canada, to cheer the end of the lockout and the last day of The Caravan and the CBC employees across the country who have been strong, determined, resilient and resourceful throughout the past seven weeks.

What a marvelous group of people.

I want to write more about this. And I will. There's a lot to process. But right now I can't. All of a sudden, I've lost my energy. I relaxed in the knowledge that we are going back and I've just turned to jelly. I'm fried. So I'll conclude The Caravan blog in the next couple of days when I get back to Vancouver.

Thank you for being with us. And as I say on the air, thank you for listening.

- Shelagh

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Blogger Derek said...

So, the question must be: were CBC management just waiting for Shelagh to finish her caravan before they let a deal happen?

I'm being facetious.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Shelagh,
Monday was wonderful in Toronto too: It was a great sunny day with sunny mood to match. Lise Lareau gave us a great victory speech at about 11:00. One of the things she said was (and I'm not sure about the exact quote but this is how I will remember it), "I knew how strong we all were in this lockout when Shelagh Rogers was travelling around and sounding tougher than some of the union leaders."
Tough love I would call it.

At our Monday Lockout Rockout Andy Kim came out and played "Rock Me Gently" The opening lyrics "Ain't it good, Ain't it right" never had more meaning.

Later the Shuffle Demons made a grand entrance through the crowd and then played a rousing version of the Hockey Night In Canada theme and provided a perfect metaphor for how we should go back to work with no bitterness and our heads held high.

Brian Stewart was hosting the concert and declared it VL day -- Victory over Lockout.

I hope when you get back Shelagh that someone realizes that Shelagh's Caravan should roll on again in some format and that the lockout actually unlocked a wonderful idea. The three of you should be commended.

Well done Shelagh, hope to toast you with a glass of "Fat Bastard" wine sometime soon.

6:25 AM  
Anonymous ing wong-ward said...


I'm going to miss 'editorializing' on your adventures...

I am so proud of you, Natasha and Sean. I reserve special pride for Sue. I have to admit, when she told me about the Caravan idea in Simcoe Park, my response was, "are you crazy?" Of course, I should've known that Captain Caravan and co. would pull it off. Brilliantly.

I do hope this is not the end of the Caravan, but a new version of Sounds Like Canada.

Do not let them lock you back in the studio when you return!

(a slightly less locked out Metro Morning producer)

6:36 AM  
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