Friday, September 30, 2005

Yes! The Caravan Unlocked Gets Its Own Song

Following the footsteps of artists like Woody Guthrie, Utah Phillips and Valdy, Jian Ghomeshi has updated protest singing for the 21st century. Ghomeshi, a singer, songwriter, performer and locked out CBC journalist, has caused a lot of excitment on this blogsite with his new podcast protest song, which is called...Shelagh's Caravan.

The song was given its first live performance at End The CBC Lockout gala at Massey Hall in Toronto last week. It has now been recorded for free distribution on the Internet.

It may be the world's first podcast protest song...and Shelagh is delighted by the tribute.

The song is available for download and listening on this site and on

Ghomeshi spent the last week mixing and recording the song in studio. He was produced and engineered by Stuart Cameron (son of John Allen Cameron) who plays with Ashley Macisaac, Shaye, and many other groups and has produced some Crash Test Dummies albums.

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Blogger Paula said...

Hope things are going well in S'ville. Or as well as can be expected. I am certain that once you arrived, their spirits climbed just knowing that the word was getting out.
Sent a cheque this a.m. Seems so little to do.
Breath some salty Newfie air for me and feel the roar of the ocan as it laps onto Canada's first shore and know I am thankful that you made this incredible odyssey.
Thinking of you and wishing you safe home.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Sean and paul and mp3 and download said...

Cool Yes! The Caravan Unlocked Gets Its Own Song blog mr :) i have a site to on Cheatcodes maybe we could exchange links TAKE CARE Shelagh

6:08 PM  

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