Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Unplugged in New Brunswick, But Loving It

FREDERICTON – You would not believe the difficulty we have had trying to send sound and light and words about today. Other than that, it's been a great day.

We joined the Fredericton picket line at eight o'clock in the morning. I must say I've never heard more honks from motorists passing by a picket line anywhere so far. But then again, they are at the busiest intersection in all of Fredericton.

Then I sat with Terry Seguin, Myfanwy Davies and Jacques Poitras at the mic to become part of the Fredericton Unlocked #3 Podcast. At nine o'clock we were joined by journalism students from Fredericton High School. And we were asked some very smart questions by kids in their late teens. I can't wait for you to hear what went on and we hope to have this for you later in the week.

Trust me, we tried very hard to send this to you, including a long spate in the Room 105 at the City Motel that operates as the Guild headquarters here in Fredericton. You don't want to know the details – they are very boring involving connections, modems and V-cards – all of which failed.

In the afternoon Thom Swift of the Hot Toddys joined me for an interview about their latest CD. Hope to have that interview for you soon as well! (See above excuses) Thom lamented the lack of CBC Radio for the promotion of this new CD. He despairs that his upcoming tour will play to houses that are half full because CBC wasn't there to talk to him about it. And it's a great CD.

We walked the picket – once again – with colleagues who are bright, talented, funny, thoughtful, innovative and just generally great human beings. And it makes me wonder – once again – what are we doing on the outside of our buildings when we should be inside making programs?

Sue and I left Fredericton in the late afternoon heading for Saint John. And a night with Paul Castle, outgoing host of the morning show in Saint John. We stopped at Saint's Rest Beach for a bracing swim in the mighty Atlantic and readied ourselves for another stop on The Caravan. Will write to you as soon as we can find a computer connection in Saint John. Then onward to Halifax.

In the meantime stay tuned for further documentary evidence of our day – pictures from Fredericton are slowly trickling into Caravan World Headquarters in Saskatchewan, but they should be up in this spot by morning.


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Blogger Paula said...

Hi Shelagh and Sue:
It was simply grand talking with you this a.m. How foolish I didn't do it sooner. I may give you a dingle in Newfoundland - never been there and long to stand on a cliff and see the ocean roar. Nearly made it last year but ran out of time.
What you are doing is very remarkable - I'm not sure you understand or appreciate the immense scope or value of what you have undertaken. It is magnificent;it is as bold and grand as our country. I feel proud of you both.

PLEASE take care of your Selves. The laws of fate and nature dictate that this will end and you need to be in sound physical condition to give us back our CBC again.

Many Hugs, Much Love Great Admiration and as always - Hope


5:46 AM  

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