Saturday, September 03, 2005

Silver On The Line: A Picketer's Anniversary

VANCOUVER – Logically, when production of a radio host's program is shut down she should stop broadcasting. But, defying expectations, Shelagh Rogers continues to broadcast right through the CBC lockout.

Shelagh is taking a well deserved break this Labour Day Weekend and will be back blogging with you shortly. However, if you click here you can hear her latest podcast coming to you from Vancouver.

To overuse a Hollywood cliché, this is A Very Special podcast.

You see, yesterday was Shelagh's 25th anniversary as a broadcaster and, as you will hear, it was day marked with: picketing with her colleagues at CBC Vancouver; revelations about what it's really like asking questions for a living and – happily – cheap champagne!

- The Web Editor

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Anonymous Ing said...

Happy Anniversary Shelagh!

The Corp should be buying you a diamond ring, but instead... well, y'know.

Hope to see you on the T.O. picket lines. Then again, I'd rather hear the real live you on the radio. But for now, I'll settle for a good podcast.

Thank the stars for new technologies.


8:54 AM  
Blogger Kenn Chaplin (mail: kenngc at sympatico dot ca) said...

Congratulations on your silver anniversary. I first heard you on Morningside and have loved you ever since.

Welcome to the blogosphere, too. I only started mine last year but uploaded stuff going back to 1993. It is a new sport!

And I am so grateful for your podcasting! So cool in an otherwise horrible situation...


1:43 PM  
Anonymous Brian M. Carroll said...

Thank you for the Kate Carmichael story.

A normal employer would personally present a 25 year veteran with some sterling silver memento: a pen, a necklace, a sculpture.

That Shelagh Rogers gets a lockout for her 25th anniversary with the CBC is a travesty.

Robert Rabinovitch, have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

7:38 PM  
Blogger Derek said...

What a sad/great way to spend your 25th wit the Corp.

Unmootly (???) great photo though. I would love to post it as the photo of the week on LabourStart. To see how it would be used, look to the top right-hand side of

You can leave me a message here or e-mail me at

Again, happy anniversary. And great podcasts!

3:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shelagh, repeat after me, once and for all - it's not about YOU. Did you learn nothing from Peter?

9:20 PM  

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