Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Shelagh (Gets More) Listening Help In The Caravan

The Caravan Unlocked crew is beginning to getting more and more advice on what the Sounds Of Their Lives should be as they prepare to move further east on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Shelagh and Sue are devoted to good music — not the kind of musical re-runs that are getting played over and over again on CBC Radio these days. So, they brought along piles of their own CDs on their swing through Western Canada.

Now, they're deep into Atlantic Canada on Phase II of their tour, which may take them all the way to far shore of Newfoundland, barring a settlement in the interminable CBC contract talks.

They've asked for suggestions for their next batch of music and the ideas are coming in. Here's what's being proposed so far:

"You should check out the new album by the Acid House Kings. I'm really loving it." - Lee

"How can you be on the road and not have Joni Mitchell's classic CD, 'Hejira' with you? It is an entire album made for The Road!! Beautiful travelling music. I just discovered your blog this morning so have got it bookmarked and will be checking it daily. I miss your CBC broadcasts and hope CBC management gets their heads out of their asses soon." - Kate, on a farm six miles northeast of Wadena, Sask.

"Boards of Canada, 'Turquoise Hexagon Sun'...(and) all of 'Music Has The Right To Children' is really chilled out...you're sure to enjoy!" - Anon.

"Sufjan Stevens, 'Jacksonville,' and the whole 'Illinoise' album is great!" - Nick

"Dear Shelagh, I had the privilege last year of spending 5 months on the road, travelling in my campervan from Whitehorse to St. John’s and then down through the States on my way to Victoria. I had never travelled our country before, but it turned into not so much a voyage of discovery but a journey of recognition. CBC makes the whole country home. Having listened to programs like Morningside, Sounds Like Canada, or the Roundup I felt like I was visiting communities that I already knew. And somehow, I had a shared connection with folks that lived there. I got to see places for myself that I knew only from songs that I first heard on CBC. And, I got to hear Yukon music in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick and Newfoundland. If I had been travelling this year, my whole experience would have been diminished by the absence of CBC. I feel for your quest for road tunes – I don’t know what I would have done without real radio....I wish you well on your journey, but I wish even more that you could turn in the van and get back on the air. Meanwhile, if you need a bit of spirit lifting, try Ruthie Foster’s 'Runaway Soul.' It’s impossible to not sing along!" - Jean, Whitehorse, YT

"If you like Rufus, then you gotta love Martha Wainwright too! She’s awesome! From your new best friend." - Mary-Kay

"Hey, Shelagh! I have some musical suggestions for you...I'm not sure what you folks are into, but here are some of my favs....Sufjan Stevens (neo-folk and current indie sensation) 'Do Make Say Think'...good Canadian post-rock..their 'winter hymn.' (The) record is really great....(From) Dundas, Ontario (a) rising star of the electronic scene, 'Up in Flames'...(by) Four Tet...his label mate is also really good....Interpol...their two albums are quite good if you like the post-punk thing that's all the rage....if you're in a down mood, Portishead will always take you that one step below...Oh, and one last suggestion: The Dirty Three...another post-rock group from Australia...one violin, one guitar and drums...great! ...Oh and if you see Patty Schmidt from Brave New Waves...say hi for me...keep your head up." - Paul

"Hi Shelagh! My suggestion for a good song to listen to on your trip would be 'Good People' by Jack Johnson. It's a catchy little tune and there is something haunting about the lyrics given the situation we find ourselves in right now. Keep up the great work!" - Andrew Ferguson, locked out TV employee

"Shelagh! I'm awed by your fantastic journey, and the tremendous spirit and dedication shown by you and your locked out compatriots. Here's hoping things get resolved SOON...I think you need some fun music for your eastern leg. I suggest 'Take Me Out,' by Franz Ferdinand. Also, some angry middle-aged woman (yes, I'm all three) music, like Green Day. Anything from their second album, (like) 'Insomniac,' will do just fine. Finally, how about 'Lies,' by Arcade Fire? You can dedicate it to CBC management. Keep fighting the good fight!" - Debbie Robinson, Winnipeg

"Hi Shelagh! I just finished reading the list of tunes from the Caravan travels. Here is my suggestion. You can never get enough of Rufus Wainwright so why not crank up his version of 'Hallelujah'? It always give me a lift when I listen to it. It is also an add value to hear his voice. You gotta love the man for that! Anyway, all I am trying to say is spend some time with Rufus..." - Florence Spencer

"In the spirit of your podcasting journey, why not listen to some podsafe music, i.e. music, often not from major record labels, that its creators have authorized anyone to play for free? (Editor's Note: Cool!) Check out the Podsafe Music Network and the Association of Music Podcasters Library for some good starting points. Oh, and don't forget the excellent all-music 'Studio Zero #4' podcast that was just posted from Vancouver." - Derek K. Miller, Vancouver

"Since I am a firm believer that all Canadians (heck, everyone else, too!) should be listening to the Cowboy Junkies, and since you are on a really long road trip... may I humbly suggest 'Miles From Our Home' by the Junkies. It's a good song." - Toben J

"I've been enjoying the podcasts from your cross-country caravan, all the while despairing the need for them in the first place. For that, and for the last 25 plus years of broadcasts, thank you! If I may, I'd like to suggest a song for your drive; it's not only charming (as it would have to be, coming from Lenni Jabour — see the link in my signature below) but also encapsulates how I feel about the loss of the CBC, 'Les Fleurs Mécontentes'...it goes: 'Quand tu n'es plus là/Moi, je n' suis jamais pleine/Et il n'y a pas d'étoiles/Parce que le ciel est trop sombre/Je n' serais pas contente/Jusqu' ce que je (t'écoute) encore...'

"Lenni's got another song, 'A Little Sad,' that I'd love to send along too for similar reasons, but that will have to wait until her CD is out next month. By the way, all of her songs aren't quite so melancholy — she's one of those singers who can change your mood in an instant, and you just can't help but feel joyful by the end of one of her 'Third Floor' concerts. I've missed the Real CBC terribly for the last six weeks; thanks again to the four of you for your efforts, and thanks to all the others who are telling their stories and making their voices heard any way they can." - Peter J

These are great suggestions — and we'd like lots more since it's a long road to St. John's, Newfoundland. So, keep those musical ideas coming.

Now, just for references sake, we'll keep up the list of tunes, so far, that they've listened to on the road (just to give you an idea of their eclectic taste):

  • Spencer Davis - So Glad That We made It
  • Sting - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
  • Glenn Gould - Beethoven Sonata from 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould
  • Mojo Mamas - Grana Louise: Good Woman Go Bad
  • Cold Play- Amsterdam
  • Ed Picco - My Way
  • Jacksoul - Love Jones
  • MIA- Sunshowers
  • La Vent Du Nord - Au Bord de la Fontaine
  • Erykah Badu - On and On
  • Sade - Smooth Operator
  • The Guess Who - Hang on to Your Life
  • Buck 65 - The Floor
  • The Beatles - In My Life
  • Kia Kadiri - New Foundation
  • Rufus Wainwright - One Man Guy
So, again, if you have a suggestion of another tune or two for our driving trio, just use the comment feature on this blog.

Or e-mail your ideas to: shelaghscaravan@yahoo.ca

Say it with music...and help make it a Happy Trail as Shelagh, Sue and Natasha barrel on down the road, ever eastward, towards the far side of Newfoundland.


Blogger Derek said...

In the spirit of your podcasting journey, why not listen to some podsafe music (i.e. music, often not from major record labels, that its creators have authorized anyone to play for free)? Check out the Podsafe Music Network and the Association of Music Podcasters Library for some good starting points. You might even want to put some on the air—no fees required.

Personally, I recommend the Roadhouse Podcast for excellent blues. Some of us (like me and Scott Helm) even have podcasts that are nothing but original tunes that we post whenever they're ready. But I'm sure you can find other stuff you like.

1:44 PM  
Blogger Derek said...

Oh, and don't forget the excellent all-music Studio Zero #4 podcast that was just posted from Vancouver. There's an hour of great music in one file.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since I am a firm believer that all Canadians (heck, everyone else too) should be listening to the Cowboy Junkies, and you are on a really long road trip... may I humbly suggest Miles From Our Home by the Cowboy Junkies.

It's a good song.

-Toben J

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sufjan stevens - jacksonville, and the whole illinoise album is great


10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

boards of canada: turquoise hexagon sun...all of 'music has the right to children' is really chilled out...you're sure to enjoy

2:42 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

You should check out the new album by the Acid House Kings. I'm really loving it.

You can download a handful of songs for free at their website.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Devon said...

There are a lot of classics on your list, but I'd like to suggest a newer band. Since discovering them recently, my car has not been without the sounds of Canadian band Jakalope. Enjoy!

9:21 AM  

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