Friday, September 16, 2005

More From Regina And...CBC: The Next Generation

REGINA β€” About 24 hours before she was due to arrive here, I asked Shelagh if she'd be willing to speak to students at my alma mater, the University of Regina School of Journalism. After 14 days on the road, Shelagh was road weary, frazzled and picketed out.

Of course, she said yes.

What she and I both discovered after 90 minutes with a group of interesting, engaged and CBC-savvy third and fourth year students at the J-school is that we were now re-energized. Shelagh and I told each other how good we felt after our session there.

Our visit was a reminder to me that the CBC and the U-of-R School of Journalism have had a strong and historic relationship for more than two decades. Students from the school, like David Kyle, Paul Dornstauder, Sheila Coles, Amanda Putz and many more have emerged over the years as powerful voices at the CBC.

CBC titans like Knowlton Nash, Stanley Burke, Peter Gzowski, Adrienne Clarkson and Wendy Mesley have either taught or spoken regularly at the school as well.

The message that Shelagh and I brought the students of the University of Regina is that there is hope for exciting careers at the CBC and that we need them β€” desperately β€” to renew the face of the Corporation as we oldtimers fall away.

To hear some of the conversations Shelagh and I had with the students listen to our podcast.The first voice you will hear is my own, followed by Shelagh's.

- Sean Prpick, Web Producer for The Caravan Unlocked.

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Anonymous BigNut said...

Hello Shelagh

Although your dilemma is obvious, after all, we all like to eat (!), I wonder if you have thought about who needs who in this dispute.

I wrote about how I see things here

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want the CBC back. I want it ALL back. That's all I will settle for!

Bring back the local programming. Bring back the thought-provoking, original and nation-connecting three hour morning show. Bring back the news/interview full hour noon show. Bring back the Canadian Sesame STREET. Bring back the witty, talk-filled, non-listener annecdotal filled national afternoon show. Bring back the local 1 hour evening news. Bring back the half-hours news magazine after The National.
Sure Peter and Barbara are gone (and Vicki is with another broadcaster) and we may not see the likes of them again but we must TRY dammit!

Budget be damned, bring back the CBC!

8:35 AM  
Anonymous lefty13 said...

Hi Shelagh,

It gladdens my heart to see and hear the 'real' CBC is still out there - the people. The various podcasts and blogs confirm what I have always suspected, that it is the people who make any venture successful. The absence of funding hurts, but without you folks, all the money in the world wouldn't help.

What has been most painful for me is that I was counting on you and the rest of the CBC family (you spend so much time in my house we must be related!) to keep me company on MY picket line. I'm a TWU member locked out by Telus. I've visited the Vancouver picket line on several occasions to talk to your co-workers and I was pleased by the large turn out at the Labour Day rally in Burnaby.

Drive safely, and see you back here some day (soon???)

7:31 PM  

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