Thursday, September 15, 2005

Moose Jaw, Regina And A Race To The Middle

REGINA — After a couple of days in and around Regina, we are just about to leave Saskatchewan and head for the city Eric Kierans once proposed as the rightful capital of Canada: Winnipeg.

Georgraphically, Winnipeg is smack in the middle of Canada, in the middle of the continent, and darn near the middle of the Caravan Unlocked's trek across the nation (if the Guild doesn't get a contract before we reach the shores of the North Atlantic).

The Masons were mesmerized by Winnipeg’s geographic distinction and added many Masonic elements to the Manitoba Legislature. I learned that from Frank Albo on Sounds Like Canada. Frank is doing a thesis on the Masonic element at the Leg , as he told me during an interview last season (coming again soon as a "Special Encore Presentation" of SLC, I'm sure).

Before we get there, though, we take you to Moose Jaw for a town hall on public broadcasting, held Tuesday night at the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre. The photo you see at the top of this blog was taken at that meeting. That's me and my travelling companion, Natasha Aziz, flanking local celebrity Gary Hyland

I was struck how seriously people at the meeting are taking the crisis that is afflicting the CBC and how openly they were willing those concerns with us.

My thanks to Graham Hall, the director of the Centre and to Gary Hyland, newly minted member of the Order of Canada, poet, founder of The Festival of Words, award-winning teacher, and host of the evening.

Also, coming soon via Caravan Unlocked podcast: an encounter I had with third and fourth year journalism students at the University of Regina. Their questions were brilliant, surprising and probing. Believe me, we want these students at the CBC. And not on short contracts either.

Before I go, another experiment and another step technological step forward for The Caravan Unlocked: if you click here (and if you have Windows Media Player on your PC) you can see my first video blog.

Till Winnipeg, then. Hail and farewell.

- Shelagh

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How can I get in touch with Frank Albo? Hav been unable to find a website for him?

Heard he is giving a talk @ the U of M soon & I would like to attend.

Thanx to any1 who can help me out!

barbee g
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