Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Higher Calling: Visiting In The Rockies

Behold the peaceful scene in this photograph. It's the view from the window of Isobel and Tom Rolston in Banff, Alberta.

After the intensity and excitement of the Labour Day parade and rally in Trail, B.C. it was good to come here to the mountains to relax and unwind with friends. You see, Isobel and Tom are friends, friends from the radio, past guests who've made multiple appearances on Sounds Like Canada.

We've been interestesd in the Rolstons (pictured below) over the years because of their seminal role in establishing the internationally renowned music program at the Banff Centre.

They're smart, funny people – and it's also rather impressive that they are the parents of a star Canadian cellist, Shauna Rolston.
We believe, incidentally, that Shauna is the beautiful young woman whom you can see in the pictures hanging on the Rolston's wall. Anway, sit back, click on our podcast of our visit to Rolstons and enjoy. – the Web Editor

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Blogger Bob Lewis said...

Great blog! I had no idea that CBC was on strike. We get CBC on ch 99 here but no mention of a strike. I'll keep up now!

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shelagh, Sue and Natasha,

You're all looking glowier as the days passed -- a sign of true happiness and creative freedom.

I still hope to see you in Toronto... and not, cuz we all know what that means!


6:25 AM  

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